Icelandic Glacial gains NSF accreditation

Icelandic Water Holdings bottling facility and products sold under the Icelandic Glacial brand have been fully certified by NSF International.

Less than 180 of the estimated 50,000 bottling plants around the world are NSF accredited and the plant scored one of the highest ratings ever achieved.

The Bottled Water Certification program verifies that a bottling facility and product waters meet the requirements of FDA Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Chapter 1, Parts 110, 129, and 165, or Codex Alimentarius requirements (EC 80/777). These regulations establish quality standards for bottled water and good manufacturing practices (GMPs) for the bottler. The program provides for an annual unannounced facility inspection and source/product water testing in accordance with the appropriate federal regulations.

Bottlers meeting all requirements are authorized to use the NSF Listing Mark and are included in the published Listing Book. Advertising and promotional use of the Mark is permitted including its use on product packaging.

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