UNFI approves US distribution in West, whilst Wild Oats approves National Distribution of Icelandic Glacial

wildoatsUnfiIcelandic Glacial Water, the newest super-premium bottled water being imported into the United States, is proud to announce a new distribution deal in the US market with United Natural Foods Inc (UNFI), the largest publicly traded wholesale distributor to the natural and organic foods industry.

The initial phase of the arrangement see’s the brands approval for regional distribution in the Western region of the United States, with other areas to follow soon through the UNFI network

In tandem with the UNFI announcement, Icelandic Glacial has also unveiled national US rollout plans this week with Wild Oats, who’s stores will be serviced through the UNFI distribution network.

With this expanded distribution, Icelandic Glacial continues to drive growth in the super-premium water category – helping natural foods stores meet growing consumer demand for higher end bottled waters.

Jim Tonkin, Icelandic Water Holdings Vice President of North America, considers the introduction of Icelandic Glacial in the natural foods marketplace to be yet another testament to the consumer demand for extraordinarily pure, super-premium water options. “Icelandic Glacial spring water’s extraordinary purity provides the discerning natural food consumer a level of guaranteed quality they seek when making beverage choices.”

And retailers in the natural foods marketplace agree. "Icelandic Glacial has a crisp, clean taste,” says Dawn Raggio, grocery buyer with United Natural Foods, Inc. “There is no doubt in my mind that it is a great product.”

Since the U.S. introduction, Icelandic Glacial has received numerous accolades for its bottle design. Raggio added, "One look at the packaging and you can tell this is a special product,”.

Most recently, Icelandic Glacial won the silver medal for the People’s Choice Award for Best Packaging Design at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting competition to add to the top honors of “Best Overall Concept” award that it picked up at the 2005 Bottled Water World Design Awards in Dubai shortly after its launch

Icelandic Glacial is expected to be on shelves in Wild Oats Natural Marketplace in April 2006


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