News Update: Icelandic Water Holdings new factory construction underway

Icelandic Water Holdings ehf has now commenced construction of its new, state of the art factory at the Hlidarendi site in Olfus Iceland, just beside the Olfus spring source. The new factory will be approximately 6,600 m2 and will house a new Multi purpose 30,000 bph bottling line.

The Company has signed a “Project Management Agreement” with Zenith International, consultants to the water industry, who will oversee all parts of the project including groundwater works, building and the bottling line installation.

A ‘design and build’ agreement has been signed with build contractor Javerk, whilst a ‘turn key agreement with bottling line company, Krones of Germany has also been finalised.

Work commenced on the new facility on 24th August, 2007 and will be completed by August 2008.

Factory Agreements

(Pictured above left): CEO for Icelandic Water Holdings, Ragnar Birgisson, shakes hands with Duncan Finlayson of Zenith International upon completion of the Project Management agreement.

(Pictured above right): Sigurjón Ólafsson (left) Project Manager for Javerks and his team reach a design and build’ agreement with Ragnar Birgisson CEO of Icelandic Water Holdings ehf, along with the Zenith consultancy team, headed up by Duncan Finlayson.

Commenting on the development, Icelandic Water Holdings CEO Ragnar Birgisson said, ‘The new factory will increase our capacity five fold allowing the company to expand distribution further and enter new markets in the future. In designing the new facility our objective was to build a state of the art fully automated plant using the best equipment available. We are very excited about this coming on line next year and look forward to working with the partners we have on board. This is a major step in the company’s development’...